A Black Path for a Sunny State: The Reversal of Magicial “Traditions” for a Land Down Under

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To officially kick off my blog I’d like to introduce an ‘issue’ that I’ll likely return to often. What I’m talking about here is that just about every book you will ever read on Western magic(k), Occultism, Satanism, etc, etc, blah, blah will be based in the Western Hemisphere.

What is the young Dark Lordling to do when during his Quest for Demonic Powers he reads from the sinister looking black book (a book containing all the Universe’s secrets for just $13 on Amazons) that he must face the North star and call forth the Winter Queen who lives in the realm of ice on the night of Yule… but its going to be at least 35°C that evening in the middle of Summer and for the life of him he can’t find this mysterious Polaris star everyone keeps talking about.  Then again could be fun, let’s see how the Ice Queen likes some Aussie heat (Fire and Ice, note to self, future succubus Working on Christmas eve…).
Most ‘traditions’ or practices you’ll come across are set in the Northern hemisphere, usually Europe or the States, so sadly if you wanted to follow the advice in that new grimoire you just bought to the letter (cause the author warns of the dire consequences if you don’t) you’re screwed. Can I suggest eBay to get your $13 back?

Ok, so now what? Fortunately this is the Left Hand Path and we aint big on Dogma (I mean rules, the Kevin Smith movie is ok).

Those of us who dwell on the other side of the planet (it’s actually the top of the world if you turn your maps around..) have been given a unique Gift. Whereas the North has thousands of years of tradition they must fight against to find their own voices, we don’t. Our environment forces us to create our own Workings and turn rituals upside down, to use what works and discard the rest. For me, we live in the Land best suited to the Prince of Darkness. Its isolated, home to chaotic weather and an extreme nature, and its hot as hell while the North hibernates in their winter.

The Left Hand Path has a focus on antinomianism, and where else are we in a better position to go against ‘Tradition’ and common held (and ‘Approved’) practices then in the Southern Hemisphere.  Nature forces us to reverse and turn the practices of the North on its head.
Delving deeper and sharing my discoveries of this Dark Australian voice will be the driver to my blog

We live in a Land where we literally must turn traditions upside down. Case in point, Halloween.

You know you love it. Oct 31st is basically an international holiday for those on the Dark side of magic (that and April 30th).

But any links to old pagan traditions such as ‘Summer’s End’ (Samhain) and harvesting for the winter is totally irrelevant to us as we try to avoid the heat swimming at the beach.

Thus freeing us to make it our own.

Xeper in the Lands Down Under!


Ps. Think someone accidently left the Gates of Hell open, Summer has officially started in the Solar State!